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Columbia Gorge Farmhouse Refresh

A welcome reprieve from the gray winter days.

If there’s one thing Portland Oregon has plenty of, it’s gray winter days. It can be a challenge to make it through the long winter months and still enjoy being at home.

Many interior design clients of ours have two main goals for the refresh of the main living area in their new house:

  1. This couple wanted to host family and friends for holidays in a light, bright, comfortable room with plenty of seating for everybody.

  2. They wanted a place where they could sit by the fire and read until spring arrived!

Our clients are busy professionals with no time or inclination to do this sort of project themselves. They weren’t sure what furniture to keep, what to get rid of, and even how to get started with the interior design of their home and see the transformation they were looking for.

They were overwhelmed.

So we went right to work, starting with design plans that created a bit more architectural interest in the room.

We added built-ins to host their library, so a good book would always be close at hand on those chilly winter days.

Now the room is light and bright, even on those gloomy Oregon days when it seems like the sun won’t ever come out again.

Before, the clients felt like they were still living like college students, with mismatched furniture and no overarching theme to their space.

Now their living area truly reflects who they are, so they can get a great start in their new home.

If you’d like a new, fresh interior in your home, too – whether you just moved in or you’ve been there for years, just reach out to us for a Dream and Decide Consultation, and we’ll share how you can finally get the space of your dreams, too!


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