Merging her background in art and graphic design, Sharon Hocking now brings her talent to creating interiors that are livable, functional and beautiful.  With a passion for design, Sharon started her career as a graphic and textile designer at Nike. Her love of fabrics, color and spaces has been a journey that has brought her to designing interiors.  


"The environment we create in our home has a direct affect on our well being.

No home is perfect. But "home" should be a place that reenergizes you and fills you with happiness, comfort and rest, so you can go out and tackle your world. When a home isn't functioning well, it can feel like a frustrating place to be."


With space planning, editing, and a design plan, Sharon can help your home function in a fresh way that makes sense for your family.

"I love helping people see their home in a new and fresh way. Every home has potential!

~  Sharon Hocking