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Gresham Kitchen Remodel

Bringing Your Home Into The Future: Ever feel like the interior of your home is stuck in the past?

A client of ours was tired of her 90s-era kitchen: not only was it unattractive, but it didn’t suit her cooking needs.

There wasn’t enough kitchen counter space, especially with all of her kitchen appliances lying around, and the whole space felt very dated.

Just the sort of feeling that can take the wind right out of your sails before you get down to fixing dinner! (Takeout, anyone?)

Our client was also concerned about hiring a contractor to do the job: how would she know she was working with someone reliable?

Fortunately, we were able to jump in and take charge of the project.

First, we created drawings to show how the kitchen could function 100% better, plus details for all the hardware, cabinetry, appliances, and everything else she would need for her dream space.

Then we introduced her to a trusted contractor who could complete the work.

The results speak for themselves.

Every morning, her new kitchen welcomes her to a bright, cheery new day.

If your kitchen has got you down in the dumps, and you need the interior design inspiration to see a brighter future and an advocate to help you make it happen quickly, just reach out to us for a Dream and Decide Consultation, and we’ll get to work on getting you the space you deserve right away.


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