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Historic Menucha Manor Remodel

Historic Menucha Manor is a beautiful home on the cliffs above the Columbia River Gorge. It was built by Julius and Grace Meier in 1926-1927 as a summer home and retreat from Portland. It was purchased by The First Presbyterian Church of Portland in 1950 and has been a retreat and conference center for Non profit organizations for the past 75 years.

Menucha manor

Governor Julius Meier and wife Grace
Governor Julius Meier and wife Grace built Menucha in 1926-1927

Sharon Hocking Interior design was enticed as a local designer to help elevate and revamp the 11 guest rooms and small conference room.

Sharon worked hand in hand with the staff to invest the budget in areas that would maintain the original architecture of the home; yet make the rooms and bathrooms function for today's guests. Iron beds and comfortable mattresses, wool rugs, period lighting, refinished wood fir floors, and months of hard work have paid off. Future upgrades are hopeful for the entry, main Wright Hall gathering room, and basement lounge.

"It is so crucial to maintain this beautiful local treasure for our community. I am thoroughly enjoying investing my time and talent here at Menucha.

"We have heard great feedback on what the staff and local contractors, and I have been able to do so far. There is still more to be done and we are hopeful that the rooms we have completed will engage potential investors so we can complete this beautiful manor and give her the design justice she deserves. This place really is magical and unique. It is a privilege to invest my design skills here."


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