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Menucha Manor

Mixing Business and Pleasure: Sometimes, your home is a place where business is conducted.

Clients of ours operate a retreat center, think of it as a home where you’re constantly hosting new guests and conducting important meetings simultaneously!

The historic manor where the center is located was in desperate need of interior design updating, both in the sleeping spaces and the meeting areas.

No one on the staff of the retreat center knew where to start or had the interior design skills to update the space, which had started to look more like a youth camp with uncomfortable, old cast-off furniture.

Even still, many of the center’s visitors were concerned that too much change would rob the center of its magic.

We rolled up our sleeves and went to work. First, we created an overall aesthetic vision for the space, taking into account the historical beauty of the home while updating it for modern needs.

It was a challenge being patient as the interior design transformation took place, but the results thrilled our clients and the retreat’s visitors. In fact, the most recent visitor commented that the place has never looked so good!

If you have a historic space you use for work (or one that’s simply your residence) that needs updating, reach out to us for a Dream and Decide Consultation, and we’ll show you how to respect the existing structure while bringing it into the 21st century.


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