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Project Reveal: We've just unveiled a colorful living room makeover here in Portland, Oregon, and it's for one of our favorite teachers!

I am excited to share this story with you of a recent interior design project. Three daughters, one teacher, and countless memories. Our daughters flourished under the guidance of Mrs. Wold during their grade school years at Corbett Grade School.  Her dedication, kind demeanor and passion for teaching left a lasting impression on our family. She didn't just impart knowledge; she nurtured their curiosity, encouraged their creativity, and celebrated their individuality.

Fast forward to today, and Mrs. Wold ( Kristin ) has become more than just a teacher. She's a valued friend. So, when she and her husband reached out for interior design help, it felt like a natural extension of our relationship.

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with them to create a colorful vision for their home. From classroom to living room, ( a bit of a corny sentence but I couldn't resist ) our connection has evolved, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey.

colorful Portland living room, modern living room, mid century modern furniture, MCM living room, Portland, Oregon, bright colors modern style blue walls , swivel chairs, red chair, fireplace, art wall;
Colorful Portland bungalow living room with mid-century modern furniture.

Our Professional Process

Our project kicked off with a bang! We dove headfirst into a lively interview and questionnaire session, eager to uncover the hidden gems and challenges of their space. Armed with curiosity and creativity, we embarked on a quest to transform their room into a hub of color and comfort. A place to enjoy every single day!

From the get-go, it was clear that this space needed to be more than just functional—it had to be a scene-stealer, ready to host family gatherings and epic hangouts with friends. It also had to really reflect Kristin and Carl, with their love of traveling and art and mid-century design. With laughter as our compass and imagination as our guide, we set out to work. It truly is a fun process.

Before Original plaster wall repairs Before

First up: the walls. Those original plaster walls were like a blank canvas waiting for a splash of color and character, but they needed repair. We called in the cavalry—a master in plaster restoration—to breathe new life into those tired old walls, preserving their charm while giving them a fresh, vibrant makeover.

But what about lighting? Ah, yes! In the land of perpetual gray skies (aka the Pacific Northwest), lighting is everything. We brainstormed ideas to banish those gloomy days with strategic recessed lighting, injecting warmth and radiance into every corner of the room.

Then came the big day: trade day! We assembled a dream team of professionals, each bringing their unique expertise to the table: lighting expert, plaster master trained in Europe, custom drapery workroom, and a painter.

This trade day gives clients my resources for experts they may need.

As the project unfolded, we were fueled by fun, eager to see our shared vision come to life. It's not just a room -it's a space where memories will be made, laughter will echo, and joy will abound. The people are the magic that makes every project truly special.

colorful living room, gallery art wall, mid century, bungalow, neutral sofa, bright pillows, blue swivel chairs.
Bright and colorful living room with mid century accents

Gallery art wall, colorful room, color, custom art, blue walls, Oregon art
Gallery Art wall with clients favorite things: travel, nature, art, birds.

I don't often take enough candid photos so here are a few, along the way. Sadly, I didn't get Carl in a photo. Reach out and I will share the story of the arched door way and the new longer sofa and the neighbors, and the window and how patient these friends are, and how it worked out in the end!

Our Custom, Completed Creation

With comfort and quality in mind, we handpicked custom upholstery crafted right here in Portland. Each piece was chosen not only for its sumptuous comfort but also for its expert craftsmanship, and design detail, ensuring that every seat becomes a sanctuary of relaxation.

But comfort alone isn't enough—durability is key. That's why we opted for fabrics that can stand the test of time, withstanding the wear and tear of everyday life with grace and style. From spills to snuggles, these fabrics are ready to weather whatever life throws their way, promising years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our Highly-Happy Homeowners

I'm pretty sure they are loving their completed room. "We are incredibly happy with the room now. We love how comfortable our guests are (and all of the compliments we get). All of the pieces are very functional for how we use the room. We've always used our living room a lot, but now we do so much more happily. Everything in the room looks as though it's been chosen intentionally and has meaning to us and our interests. Once we did our homework of making a Pinterest board, we realized that what we thought we wanted wasn't actually what we're drawn to. Everything we liked had a lot of color, which I wouldn't have been comfortable pulling together on my own. We appreciated that Sharon suggested elements we hadn't considered, like fixing the cracks in the plaster and adding recessed ceiling lights. We also would never considered the blue walls, since we tend to play it safe with pale wall colors. We love how the room turned out!" Kristin

colorful living room, blue walls, red chair, fireplace, Portland Oregon bungalow
Custom furniture available through sharon hocking interior design

Kristin and Carl's home is a charming Portland bungalow in a quaint beautiful neighborhood. Even though the style they are drawn to is mid-century modern, we were able to create the room to honor the architecture of the homes' good bones, bring in color and style reminiscent of mid-century modern, while creating a more contemporary feel.

It's been fun sharing this story with you. Please reach out when you need a room or your whole home transformed. Because it definitely will enhance your everyday life!

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What a well written piece - fun and informative at the same time. The room’s transformation is amazing, what a beautiful result!! 💯👏💯

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